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About Me

In today's stressful, fast paced life, massage is no longer considered a luxury. It is considered a necessity for self care. Massage is a wonderful way to facilitate relaxation and decrease stress levels. Massage has many other benefits both mental and physical.

*Especially beneficial for today's athlete

Some of the mental benefits:

- Increased relaxation

- Decreased anxiety

- Helps with depression

- Relieves stress

- Enhances sleep quality

- Increased mental alertness

- Increased concentration

- Creates body awareness

Some of the physical benefits:

- Increases energy*

- Increases circulation*

- Treats sports and work induced injuries*

- Increases range of motion*

- Increases joint flexibility*

- Speeds muscle recovery*

- Speeds rehabilitation process after injury

- Enhances athletic performance*

- Enhances immunity

- Encourages peristalsis

- Reduces blood pressure

- Manages Fibromyalgia pain

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